Automated-Agent helps you organize, store and protect your online passwords and other private data in one central repository, your personal secure cloud. Most importantly, Automated-Agent allows you to share your data with your family, friends or trusted contacts after you become deceased.

Features at a glance:
automatically and selectively share your personal data with designated persons after you become deceased, or otherwise inactive;
• simple to use, and user-friendly interface;
• access your portal from any computer or device, anytime, anywhere;
• your data is encrypted and backed up periodically.

SnazDash - A dashboard to help manage and launch all your password-protected web sites (and more), using Microsoft Passport integrated security. What this means is that once you have created a Microsoft Passport account, and as long as you are authenticated with Windows you will never need another “master password”.

This app requires a one-time setup for each web site - namely to specify which username/password you normally use to access a login web page. This will create a "tile" on the app dashboard, which you will simply need to click to launch the web site at the login page, populated automatically with your login information.

SnazDash is self-contained, and does not use any browser extension susceptible to be hacked (unlike many other password manager solutions). This also means that (1) you can disable your browser cache history to never remember any passwords or cookies (for added security / privacy), and (2) you can now choose very long complicated passwords for your web sites because you will never need to remember them! (2.8 MB) - A surveillance / intrusion detection application that runs on a PC with a webcam attached. You point the webcam to a specific location and it will detect movement at regular intervals in that area. You can also request that alerts be sent to an outside email address. Snap shot images will be sent as part of the email. Tested with a Creative Video Blaster WebCam. - A prototype website developed using WebDev technologies. (1.71 MB) - A .NET (C#) demo demonstrating how to call a .NET assembly dll (class created with WinDev) to generate a password image on disk from a text password. A password image is an image that can only read by the "human eye" (mostly used for web applications in order to prevent auto-logon robot programs).

EZGraph.MSI (2.51 MB) - a demo app illustrating the use of charting functions in WinDev.